Modern living wreaks cellular havoc within our bodies – polluted air and water, food, EMFs, and toxins we are exposed to from indoor and outdoor environments, air travel, solar radiation, smoking, and even intense exercise all produce cellular damage. If not addressed, damaged cells lead to lack of energy, aging, and poor health.

NanoVi and free radicals

A major cause of cellular damage is free radicals. A free radical is an atom or group of atoms that has an unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive. Once formed these free radicals can start a chain reaction, like dominoes. The chief danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs. To prevent free radical damage, the body has a defense system of antioxidants. Although our cells are harmed by free radicals every day, our bodies also produce a cellular signal to initiate repair of this damage. The problem is, if we don’t make enough of the signal necessary to repair all the damage caused by free radicals, oxidative stress accumulates.

(Side note: Our bodies actually need some free radicals! For example, our immune system will create them on purpose to neutralize bacteria and viruses).

  • Biological

    • reduces utilization of oxygen
    • reduces cell energy production
    • reduces utilization of nutrients
    • reduces vitality
  • Health

    • leads to chronic diseases
    • causes mitochondrial diseases
    • slows wound healing
    • reduces the general state of health
  • Aging

    • causes aging in general
    • causes certain age-related disorders
    • affects concentration and memory
  • Sports

    • limits focus and endurance
    • slows recovery
    • weakens the immune system

I first met the founders of Eng3 (inventors of NanoVi) at a wellness conference in New York City when I came across a booth that featured an odd-looking device consisting of small reservoir of bubbling water (complete with green mood lighting!) connected to a long, flexible hose:

I asked for a demo, and after they pointed the hose an inch or so in front of my face, I simply sat there and breathed in humidified air for 15 minutes. I wore a chest strap heart rate monitor during the session to track my heart rate variability, and after my session was done, we looked at my data and I was shocked to see a huge improvement in my HRV in just 15 minutes!

They explained how their device can rapidly activate one’s parasympathetic nervous system, whether due to environmental stressors or a tough workout. But to really experience all of the benefits it provides, I might want to try a few more sessions…

What is NanoVi?

NanoVi™ is a device that helps repair everyday cellular damage caused by all aspects of modern living without the use of drugs or producing side effects.

NanoVi reducing and repairing cellular damage

NanoVi produces the same biological signal your body makes to repair cellular damage brought on by free radicals. Every cell needs to convert oxygen and glucose into energy, an ongoing process called cell metabolism that is essential for all cells. Metabolism produces two kinds of highly reactive oxygen radicals known as ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). For simplicity, think of one ROS as bad and the other good. “Bad” ROS are free radicals that damage your cells, whereas “good” ROS emit the signal that initiates cell repair. Unfortunately, the damage always outpaces the repair. Antioxidants help prevent damage by neutralizing ROS but they can do nothing to repair cells.

NanoVi produces precisely the same signal as the “good” ROS, augmenting your body’s own natural repair mechanisms. This type of therapy may be useful in strengthening the immune system, increasing one’s vitality, and slowing the aging process.

The secret behind NanoVi is its ability to create a “bio-identical” signal – a specific electromagnetic wave that exactly matches the wavelength the “good” ROS produces in our cells, and signals the body to repair damage. So, essentially what NanoVi accomplishes is to “trick” the body into repairing itself (cellular damage, re-folding mis-folded proteins, etc.), while avoiding the production of any kind of reactive oxygen species!

How Does NanoVi Work?

NanoVi creates a super-fine mist of structured water vapor* that is then “imprinted” with a specific electromagnetic wave (infrared wavelength) that is bio-identical to our body’s “good” ROS signal. This mist (with the ROS signal) is then delivered to a person as humidified air that is simply breathed in, and the signal is transferred to cells throughout the body.

* Water has a special phase (called the “fourth phase”) where it forms a thin rigid sheet on the outer surface of a water droplet (think of it as a chain of interconnected, hexagonal sheet of H3O2 molecules instead of H2O molecules). One of the properties of ordered water is its ability to store information, such as a wavelength of light. Yes, this probably sounds very “woo” but structured water has been scientifically proven to exist and is created by the natural action of water in nature, such as tumbling down waterfalls or over rocks in a stream. It even surrounds the proteins in our cells and tissues.

My NanoVi Experience

For the past month I have been experimenting with a NanoVi Pro device and wanted to share some of my initial observations and results. I have been doing one or two 30-minute sessions each day (usually while sitting on my living room sofa and working on my computer, reading, or watching TV). That’s all one needs to do – in fact, they say just 2-3 sessions per week is enough for people to experience positive changes. I immediately began to see a number of benefits that I could quantitatively and qualitatively measure:

NanoVi and Oxidative Stress

OxiChek oxidative stress breath test

I own a device called OxiChek that measures a person’s level of oxidative stress via a breath test that confirmed I had high levels of oxidative stress. As I mentioned previously, many things can contribute to oxidative stress, such as my environment (living in New York City) and even intense exercise. Once I began using NanoVi, I could see how my oxidative stress levels were decreasing week over week!

Oxidative stress levels using NanoVi

NanoVi and Body Composition

While I don’t have a “six pack,” my build is fairly lean/athletic and my body composition has remained pretty consistent over the past few years. While I did not make any changes to diet or exercise, as soon as I began using the NanoVi, the data below from my Nokia Body Cardio scale shows how body fat levels rapidly dropped by more than 3% with an increase in lean/muscle mass while remaining at close to the same weight!

NanoVi and body composition

NanoVi, Improved Strength, and Recovery

Almost instantly I began to experience improvements in both my strength workouts as well as endurance (playing soccer). For example, my deadlift workouts went up in both weight and number of reps on every set. Any soreness/DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) also seemed to disappear. This improved cellular/mitochondrial function results in more ATP to fuel workouts, hence more strength/power/endurance.

NanoVi and Digestion

This is more observational (and perhaps too much information for some of you!), but once I began using NanoVi I started to experience more frequent bowel movements (an additional 1-2 per day). This could be a combination of more efficient digestion as well as my body clearing out cellular waste.

Don’t Take My Word For It!

I have been letting several friends use the NanoVi over the past month, and while each person was initially skeptical, they have all experienced profound benefits (better metabolism, energy, sleep quality, digestion, body composition, etc.) and are all now regular users.

What’s Next

I plan on continuing to use NanoVi as part of my daily wellness routine to combat the daily effects of modern living in an urban environment, as well as integrating it with my training routines for more energy, better workouts and recovery, body composition, and improved mitochondria function. As I continue using NanoVi in future self-experiments, I will continue to share my results!

Learn More About NanoVi

If you would like to learn more about NanoVi, you can visit the Eng3 website, or just send me an email and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with them.