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Oura Ring

The Ōura Ring claims to be the most accurate sleep and activity tracker around. It measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices. The ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance. They even offer an API!

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Here are resources and links from my talk at the 2019 Health Optimisation Summit in London 👊 Presentation Slides View on DropBox Fitness/Activity Trackers Ōura Ring (save $50 of your…

HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer

Natural stress reduction! The Inner Balance technology trains us to self-generate a highly efficient physiological state called HRV coherence, which helps us increase emotional composure and clearer reasoning. Recommended by health professionals worldwide, HRV coherence training has been associated with many health and performance benefits.

A few minutes of daily coherence practice has been shown to reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress, such as overwhelm, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety and burnout.