Although there are already several great meditation apps out there such as Headspace, Calm, and Oak, something I really wanted was a simple, clean, “no frills” tool that I could use to guide my breathing exercises. So I built one, and it’s called Awesome Breathing.

Awesome Breathing App

Awesome Breathing – an “Awesome” Breath Pacer App!

Awesome Breathing is a simple, elegant breath pacer app used to guide and visualize your breathing. Use it every day to help your meditation, relaxation, or breathing practice, or to simply bring a few moments of calm to your day. Did I mention it’s available on both iOS and Android?

Awesome Breathing app preview
Simple, elegant, guided breathing!

To start a session just select one of the included programs (Box Breathing, Relaxing Breathing, Equal Breathing, Measured Breathing) and press start, or you can optionally customize your own inhale, exhale, and hold times, enable a countdown timer and guided vocal cues (thanks, Laura!), start/end bells, and more.

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It’s available on both iOS (via Apple’s App Store) and Android (via Google Play) and is the latest project Jeremy and I have launched out of Awesome Labs. If you have a chance to download and start using our breath pacer app, I’d love to hear your feedback (and please help me out by submitting a review and/or 5-star rating it so people can discover it!). I hope others find it as useful as I have.

Don’t forget to breathe!

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