The Best Biohacking and Self-Optimization Gifts for 2019

Looking for some last-minute, wellness-inspired gift ideas for your friends, family, and loved ones (or even yourself!)? Below I present my 2019 Biohacking and Self-Optimization Gift Guide. Let me know if you come across anything you I missed! 👍


Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever by Dave Asprey – Dave has made well-know his desire to live to 180, and this book details many of the strategies he’s using to optimize health and longevity.

Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging by Ben Greenfield – Ok, this won’t be available in time for the holidays (it comes out on January 21st, 2020) but how about preordering it and bundling it with some amino acid treats from Ben’s new company Kion?

Biohacker’s Handbook by Olli Sovijärvi, M.D., Teemu Arina, Jaakko Halmetoja – a beautifully illustrated coffee-table style book that provides an introduction to the fundamentals of a balanced life: sleep, nutrition, exercise, work, and the mind. If you have trouble tracking down a US copy let me know and I can try to point you to a US seller. (use code QUANTIFIEDBOB to save 10% or use code XMAS19 to get 1 FREE copy when you purchase 2)

Coffee, Teas, and Food

Fat Fuel Instant Coffee – this is the best-tasting powdered instant organic grass-fed coffee + MCT/coconut oil I’ve ever had. Just add hot water. Great for travel or when you’re on-the-go!!

Four Sigmatic – looking for some stocking stuffers? Try these amazing instant mushroom elixirs, lattes, coffees, proteins, and more! (save 10% off w/code QUANTIFIEDBOB)

Bulletproof – you can never go wrong re-stocking your favorite biohacker’s pantry with some great coffee, collagen protein bars, and mitochondrial-boosting supplements!

SuperFat Amazing Keto Nut Butters – these delicious single-serve nut butter packets were the talk of last year’s Paleo f(x) when they were serving them along with grass-fed beef jerky for dipping (sounds disgusting till you’ve tried it!). Great stocking stuffer. (save 15% off w/code QUANTIFIEDBOB)

Sleep Tracking and Optimization

Ōura – the Ōura ring has quickly become the “go-to” sleep/activity tracker among the biohacking community due to its small form factor and accompanying app that provides actionable insights to optimize sleep and recovery. (save $40 off w/code QUANTIFIEDBOB)

Biostrap – another great (and under-the-radar) sleep and activity tracker with minimal style but packed with sensors (including blood oxygen saturation) and a great app to surface insights. There is also a second sensor that can be placed over your shoelaces for more accurate activity tracking (sports, etc.).

Chilipad Ooler Sleep System – controlling the temperature of my sleep environment has to be one of my top sleep hacks and the Ooler system allows you to dial in optimal temperatures to keep your body cool (or warm) throughout the night.

Gravity Blankets – these weighted blankets are proven to reduce stress and improve sleep by relaxing the nervous system (think: being gently hugged all night). Pair it with one of their weighted sleep masks to block out light and add light touch across key relaxation pressure points!

Brain Boost

Formula – they develop personalized blends of nootropic supplements tailored to your unique needs—enhancing anything from creativity to energy to focus. I’m taking their “Clarity” formula why putting together this list! (save 20% off w/code QUANTIFIEDBOB)

Muse 2 – meditation made easy! The next-gen version of Muse’s innovated EEG-based headband tracks your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to guide your total meditation experience.

Brain Gauge – a cognitive assessment tool that uses touch-based sensory testing to measure your (and your family’s) brain health. It’s the quickest and most accurate way to track improvements to your mental fitness. These systems used to cost over $1000 but are available for as low as $19/month! (save 10% off w/code QUANTIFIEDBOB)

Exercise and Recovery

Hyperice Hypervolt – this is a must-have recovery tool that anyone can use at home.

X3 Bar – (nearly) a full gym without the gym, shown to build muscle gains 3x faster than traditional weight training in just minutes a week. Great for travel! Can also fit in most suitcases (but luggage must be checked in at airport due to the size/weight of the bar).

GembaRed – they make great, affordable (and low-EMF) light therapy panels that can be used for both recovery and cosmetic benefits. (save 10% off w/code QUANTIFIEDBOB)

NormaTec Recovery Boots – these pressurized recovery boots feel amazing and help with faster recovery from sore leg muscles. If they exceed your gifting budget, you can always go with Rapid Reboot as a more affordable option.

SaunaSpace NIR Saunas – if you don’t have the budget (or the space) for a full-size infrared sauna system (from Clearlight or Sunlighten), check out these low-EMF, toxin-free near infrared saunas that can be set up in the smallest spaces.

Glucose and Ketone Tracking

Keto-Mojo – these easy-to-use meters allow you track both glucose and ketone levels and data can be downloaded onto your smartphone via their companion app. Their test strips cost much less than you would spend elsewhere. (save 15% and more, no code needed!)

For the Business Traveler

HumanCharger – this tiny device packs a great anti-jet lag punch by helping to reset your circadian rhythm via little LED earbuds that contain the powerful lights. Based on your current timezone, destination, and date of travel, its companion app will tell you when to have a “dose” (short 12-minute session) of bright light leading up to your trip. Has worked wonders for me!

Vital Reaction Molecular Hydrogen Tablets – molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant simply add one of these tablets to a glass or small bottle of spring or filtered water then drink up! Use when traveling, or after an evening involving too much alcohol. (save 10% w/code QUANTIFIEDBOB)

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – reduce blue light exposure by throwing on a pair of blue blocking glasses like ones made by TrueDark (also these super-inexpensive UVEX glasses make great stocking stuffers!)

Air Tube Headphones – these wired headphones eliminate any EMF exposure to the head by pumping audio through air filled tubes into your ears.