Biohacking Deals 2019 – Black Friday /Cyber Monday Holiday Season

Biohacking deals, anyone? As the holiday season approaches, I will be compiling a list of all of the best biohacking, health/wellness, and self optimization-related deals happening online. Bookmark this page as it will be constantly updated! Feel free to send me an email if you find something I missed 👍

Blood, Gut, and Metabolic Testing Services Biohacking Deals

InsideTracker – their biggest sale of the year! Save $200 off their Ultimate plan to track all of your key blood biomarkers. Use code CHEERSBOB (ends December 2, 2019)

OmegaQuant – save 20% plus an EXTRA 10% off of their Omega 6:3 blood tests! Use code BLACKFRIDAY19 then add code QUANTIFIEDBOB to get the full discount! (ends December 1, 2019)

Viome – huge discounts (over 50%!) off their Gut Intelligence microbiome test (ends December 31, 2019)

Dante Labs – get whole genome sequencing 30X with reports and raw data for €169.00 EUR (save €680.00 EUR!) (ends December 2, 2019)

23andMe – save 50% off their Health and Ancestry genetic testing service (ends December 2, 2019)

Supplements / Protein / Food and Drinks Biohacking Deals

Bulletproof – save up to 40% off selected items! Save big on your favorite Bulletproof products like Collagen Protein Bars, Unflavored Collagen Protein, Supplements and their wide variety of Coffee products. (ends December 2, 2019 @9pm PT)

KetoneAid – they are offering a $5 per bottle presale on their new KE1 single serve ketone shots! Great for those who can’t afford their pure ketone esters – use code QUANTIFIEDBOB for free shipping! (while supplies last!)

Four Sigmatic – save up to 50% OFF their amazing mushroom elixirs, lattes, coffees, proteins, and more! They will also be having DEALS OF THE DAY and special Black Friday and Cyber Monday BUNDLES for extra savings!

Vital Reaction – save up to 20% off all of their molecular hydrogen products! Includes tables and inhalers with code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends December 2, 2019).

Neurohacker Collective – save up to 50% plus free shipping sitewide! Includes Qualia Mind (nootropic), Eternus (for cellular energy) and more! (ends December 1, 2019)

Formula – get their personalized blends of nootropic supplements for creativity, energy, and focus starting at just $59 (normally $119)! (ends December 2, 2019)

TrueNutrition – save up to 20% off all of their bulk powders including proteins and BCAAS, and get a free shaker with any order over $30. Use code BLACKWTF250 for orders over $250, BLACKWTF125 for orders over $125, and BLACKWTF30 for orders over $30 (through November 30, 2019).

Purity Coffee – get 30% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on their delicious organic, low-toxin (lab tested) coffees when you use code BF30 at checkout. (ends December 2, 2019)

SuperFat Amazing Keto Nut Butters – save 20% off all orders with code BLK20, and save $25 off all orders of 3 boxes or more with code CYBER25 on Cyber Monday (expires December 1, 2019)

Real Ketones – save 20% off sitewide on all ketone products – includes exogenous ketones, energy shots, proteins, and more! (ends December 1, 2019)

Kiss My Keto – save up to 40% off all keto snacks and supplement products and bundles! (ends December 2, 2019)

Activity and Sleep Tracker Deals

HeartMath – save 35% sitewide on all guided heart meditation and coherence products including Inner Balance and emWave2, plus free ground shipping on orders over $49 (ends December 31, 2019)

Ōura – save big on their devices during their huge Black Friday sale that goes live at 9am Friday, November 29th New York City time! (ends November 29, 2019)

Biostrap – big Black Friday/Cyber Monday savings on their awesome activity/sleep tracker (ends December 2, 2019)

Elite HRV – save $50 off their bluetooth CorSense Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitor, which pairs with many popular HRV tracking apps! (ends December 2, 2019)

Withings – save up to $100 off their award-winning smart devices and enjoy the best deals of the year. (expires January 31, 2020)

Masimo – save $100 off all Masimo pulse oximeters, along with free shipping! use code TURKEY100 (expires December 2, 2019)

Training and Recovery Biohacking Deals

Clearlight Saunas – Save up to $1000 off all saunas (plus free shipping and gift with purchase)! Visit their site for pricing or call 800.798.1779 (expires December 2, 2019)

SaunaSpace – save 20% off EVERYTHING for 24 hours (followed by 10% off savings), from their low-EMF near infrared saunas, to their high efficiency bulbs, to other accessories (ends November 30, 2019 @ 12am CT)

Sunlighten Saunas – take advantage of their holiday flash sales (expires soon)

LiveO2 – save 8% off their Adaptive Contrast oxygen training systems with code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout (expires November 30, 2019)

Light Therapy and Light Protection Biohacking Deals

HumanCharger – save 45% off their innovative in-ear light therapy device to aid with jet lag and winter blues (click on coupon on checkout). You can also use code QUANTIFIEDBOB to save 20% (while supplies last)

GembaRed – big savings/discounts on their affordable, low-EMF red and infrared light therapy products, and save an additional 10% with code QUANTIFIEDBOB ! (ends December 2, 2019)

BLUblox – save 25% off their full line of blue light blocking and day use glasses! Use code BF2019 (expires December 3, 2019)

SomniLight – huge savings (in addition to standard 10% off) on all of their blue blocking glasses and amber reading and sleep lamps! (ends December 1, 2019)

Mind and Stress Biohacking Deals

Awesome Breathing – The customizable breathing app I co-developed is available for FREE on both iOS and Android through Cyber Monday. Download it before the price goes back up! (ends December 2, 2019)

Brain Gauge – take advantage of their amazing Black Friday deals on their cutting-edge at-home cognitive assessment tool (start a new subscription for as low as $9 and save 50% off lifetime subscriptions!) (ends December 1, 2019)

HeartMath – the makers of emWave and InnerBalance stress and anxiety reduction tech are offering 25% off storewide and free shipping for U.S. orders over $49! Also includes a free online experiential course (ends December 31, 2019)

Muse – save big site wide, including their new Muse 2 brain sensing headbands! (ends December 1, 2019) – save 35% off regular prices on their brain entraining audio that improves focus, relaxation, and sleep! (ends December 1, 2019)

Biohacking Books and Conference Deals

Fat For Fuel – the Kindle edition of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s great book on mitochondrial health is currently on sale for $1.99 (ends soon!)

Health Optimisation Summit – save 50% off 2019 Health Optimisation Summit videos, and save 50% off tickets to next year’s conference! Use code BLACKFRIDAY (ends December 1, 2019)

Biohacker Summit – save over 50% off your ticket to Biohacker Summit 2020 Amsterdam, in additional to great deals on the Biohacker’s Handbook, online courses, and video bundles! (ends December 2, 2019)

Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference – save 40% off the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference featuring internationally recognized speakers and presenters. The 3-day event, March 27-29, 2020, will offer innovative presenters and global leaders offering the greatest insights in science and technology, to improve your mind and body. Save 40% off with code BIOHACK40 (expires December 2nd, 2019)

Home / Environment Biohacking Deals

SafeSleeve – save 20% off all anti-radiation, EMF blocking phone and device cases, sleeves, headphones, and more! (ends December 1, 2019)

Aquasana – save up to 60% off their whole house water filtration systems, shower filters, tanks, accessories, and more plus free Shipping! (expires December 1, 2019)

Plume Labs – get the original, award-winning Flow personal air quality monitor for just $99! (expires December 1, 2019)