I had a chance to sit down and chat with friend (and fellow self-experimenter) Boomer Anderson on his Decoding Superhuman podcast, where we cover a wide range of biohacking and QS topics, from tracking and optimizing our sleep and our indoor environments to heart rate variability and more. Give a listen and subscribe to his awesome podcast here or listen below:

Some of the biohacking and Quantified Self topics we cover in this episode of the Decoding Superhuman podcast:

  • How did I initially get into Quantified Self?
  • Where do I get inspiration for these experiments?
  • How to begin performing self-experiments
  • What data do I recommend gathering for someone performing their first self-experiments?
  • The best apps and devices for tracking HRV, improving water quality, tracking sleep, and much more
  • Top tips for optimizing your sleep environment
  • How mouth taping may help you sleep better
  • Why is it important to filter your shower water
  • What is Deuterium? Why is this important in terms of water quality?
  • Should you get a mold assessment for your home?
  • Reading recommendations for peak performance and understanding how our bodies work

His show notes also mention Awesome, a new, super simple meal tracking app I have been working on!

SaunaSpace 300x250 v1

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Bob Troia is a technology entrepreneur and citizen scientist who is focused on the intersection of data-driven citizen science, health and wellness, human performance, longevity, and self-optimization. He has been featured on CBS News Sunday Morning, PBS NewsHour Weekend, National Geographic Explorer, CBC (Canada), SBS-TV (South Korea), Fast Company, Men's Fitness, Outside Magazine, and on many leading health and wellness podcasts.