I had a blast appearing on the Life Stylist Podcast with Luke Storey, where in this podcast episode we covered a ton of biohacking and Quantified Self-related topics!

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Biohacking Topics Discussed on this Episode:

  • My start with biohacking and dealing with overcoming exhaustion
  • The Bulletproof diet and analyzing my results
  • Labs and base-level testing
  • Checking cortisol and adrenals for sleep and energy disorders
  • Ketosis explained in simple terms
  • Meters for testing ketones and glucose levels
  • What are exogenous ketones?
  • The truth about ketone supplements, and how to use them safely
  • What are the best tracking devices for sleep
  • Mastering deep ketosis, and the possible risks of doing it wrong
  • Why is the Oura Ring, and other worn tracking devices so useful for biohackers
  • The hottest current self-tracking devices
  • Measuring indoor EMF levels, and testing the EMF levels on Luke’s podcast recording headphones
  • Does grounding or ‘earthing’ technology work?
  • The power of niacin sauna detoxes
  • Testing your indoor air and water
  • What’s best for sleep performance
  • Self tracking and biohacking experiments gone wrong
  • Finding balance between self-obsession and caring about your health
  • Lifestyle recommendations
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