As you can probably tell, I track a lot of things about myself. And it probably seems that trying this level of self-quantification would be overwhelming for most people… and you would right! But guess what? You don’t need to track a million things to start improving your well-being.

Here is a video of the talk I gave at Superhuman Summit, an annual speaker-focused event that presents ideas on how to advance human potential that are rooted in science, practiced achievement and tested technologies.

In my talk I show how in less that 10 minutes a week, by tracking just 3 things, we can not only gain simple, actionable insights into our bodies and our environment, but also begin to take proactive steps to understand and optimize our health and be on our way to becoming “super human”! I call it Minimum Effective Quantification. It’s “quantified self,” simplified.

Superhuman Summit is an amazing event hosted in Vancouver each fall – I highly recommend attending their next one! Join fellow explorers, rebels, limit breakers, risk takers, evolutionists, society changers, future thinkers and immortality tinkerers for a unique take on how to improve the quality and quantity of your life.

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Superhuman Summit website
“Minimum Effective Quantification” Superhuman Summit talk (YouTube)
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