iHeart Internal Age

How old are you on the inside? iHeart is the world’s first device and app to calculate your Internal Age based on aortic stiffness, a proven indicator of risk of developing disease that is reversible with positive lifestyle choices. The iHeart device is wireless and uses bluetooth to connect to your smartphone or tablet. Each iHeart Internal Age test takes 30 seconds and provides immediate results. With regular testing and positive choices you will see your Internal Age decrease, improving health and increasing lifespan.

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iHeart Internal Age Health Metrics

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity
Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity is the gold standard of aortic stiffness testing and has been proven to be a marker of heart health, brain health, and risk of death from all causes that is reversible.

Resting Heart Rate
Your resting heart rate says a lot about your internal health and fitness levels. It is a strong indicator of your risk for heart problems. Track and decrease your resting heart rate with iHeart Internal Age.

Internal Age™
Your Internal Age™ is calculated based on aortic stiffness, a proven indicator of risk of heart and brain disease that is reversible. Changes can be seen in as little as a couple weeks.

Blood Oxygen Level
Blood oxygen level indicates how much oxygen is in your blood. Blood oxygen level should be between 95-99% in a healthy individual.

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