Vital Reaction Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant ever and has therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the body and in over 170 disease models. It is also a key part of my jet lag protocol!

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How H₂ Works


Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule and the only antioxidant that can access the mitochondria and cell nucleus under certain conditions. Unlike conventional, larger antioxidants, H₂ passes the the cell membrane and begins exerting benefits immediately.


H₂ selectively targets only the most harmful free radicals without affecting useful free radicals that help maintain homeostasis. At times, common, non-selective antioxidants (Vitamin A, C, E, folic acid, etc.) can diminish the good free radicals that the body needs, thereby causing a potentially negative effect. H₂ does not.’

Safe, Non-Toxic

Molecular hydrogen is 100% safe due to its only byproduct being water. You cannot overdose and are never exposed to toxins from molecular hydrogen.


H₂ supports the body’s ability to maintain a condition of balance by neutralizing harmful free radicals and boosting the internal antioxidant system. This keeps oxidative stress low, supports homeostasis and decreases chance of disease.