Coway Mighty Air Purifier

A compact HEPA filter that is equipped with a HEPA efficiency rating of 99.97%, it uses a four-stage filtration system to effectively eliminate odors and pollutants. Includes an air quality indicator that will automatically turn on when necessary, then stop when no longer needed to save energy.

The Coway Tower air purifier is designed specifically for a living room, apartments, and middle sized spaces.

The sleek tower design uses advanced multi-stage filtration with a long-life HEPA filter. Though designed for middle sized spaces, the Coway Tower is fully featured with a filter-change indicator, multiple airflow modes and controls, and a helpful timer.

4-Stage Filtration
The powerful combination of a pre-filter, odor filter, true HEPA filter, and bipolar ionizer effectively reduces airborne odors and pollutants.

Air Quality Indicator
Coway’s pollution sensor communicates indoor air quality in real-time. The colored LED lets you know how clean or dirty your indoor air is every minute of the day.

Auto Mode
The continually operating air quality indicator senses indoor air particles and adjusts the fan speed accordingly to reduce particles.

The timer lets you schedule 1/4/8/12 hours of operation so you can set the unit for as long as you need to use it.

Filter Replacement Indicator
The filter indicator alerts you to needed filter changes.

Vital Ion System
As part of the four-stage filtration process, the bipolar ionizer generates an electrochemical reaction that reduces particles in the air.

The three fan speeds allow you to adjust the air output based on your unique air purification needs.