Wynd Personal Air Purifier with Air Quality Tracker

How clean is the air you’re breathing? Wynd can tell you – and make it better! Wynd’s Smart Air Purifier cleans fast and is portable enough to take with you. It also includes a detachable Tracker and app that deliver actionable insights to improve your health. With Wynd you can breathe easy wherever you go.

Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from the air. It captures particles as small as 0.3um (1/210th the average thickness of human hair).


Wynd contains a medical-grade filter based on material used in American hospitals that captures a wide range of particulates, including allergens, germs, and air pollution. The filter is impregnated with silver which kills mold, bacteria, and other germs on contact. Wynd also automatically calculates when to change the filter and replacements can be easily ordered via the Wynd app.

Super fast cleaning
Wynd’s air flow system was invented by MIT alums who previously worked on rockets, and generates over 9 liters of clean air per second. That means you can instantly breathe clean air within 3 ft of Wynd. It is powerful enough to clean smaller, enclosed spaces such as a car cabin or small room.

Detachable Air Quality Tracker
Wynd’s Air Quality Tracker can detach for ultimate mobility, and provide alerts when your environment worsens. It also automatically connects to the Purifier for auto mode to maintain a healthy space.

Mobile Insights
Use the Wynd app to control the purifier from afar, check the local air quality from thousands of stations globally, and get insights from your personal Tracker so you can stay healthy.