AirTube Anti Radiation Headset

Patented headphones that place the speakers away from the ears (minimizing EMF exposure) and uses air-filled hollow tubes to deliver sound.

Triplex Anti-radiation and EMF Protection Functions:

  • Sound cavity free to magnetic field as no speaker in earplug to avoid direct damage to eardrum & brain.
  • Air tube isolates magnetic field & radiation source, also lengthens distance between phone & human body.
  • Metal shielding line prevents transmission of high frequency electromagnetic wave to achieve optimal anti-radiation effect.
  • Radiation Protection Patent certified by the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO), the USA and German, perfectly reduces 99.99 percent of EMF radiation.
  • No speakers in earbuds, air tube and metal shielding line achieve triplex anti-radiation and EMF protection, avoiding any direct damage to your eardrum and brain.
  • 3.5mm earplug can widely compatible with iPhone 6s(Plus) 6(Plus) 5S 5, iPad, iPod, Samsung or other Android or Windows cell phones, Smart Phones, PC, tablet, Notebook, Player, MP3 / MP4, etc.
  • Insert microphone and volume control free your hands from music and calls; Extra long cord is very convenient to use.