Lambs EMF Wireless Radiation-proof Apparel

Lambs EMF-blocking apparel supports your health and wellness with advanced fabric-technology that blocks external stressors – boosting your immune system, performance, cognition and sleep!

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☢️ Lambs – A Unique Fabric Technology

Backed by serious science! Lab tested and certified, backed by scientific studies, and trusted by thousands of customers. Lambs created the first scientifically proven fabric-technology that blocks external stressors. By blocking 99% of EMFs (cellphone, wifi, 5G, and bluetooth radiation) and UV rays, Lambs mitigates oxidative stress and supports your health & wellness. Lambs apparel are also naturally antimicrobial and heat-diffusing for optimal comfort.

Benefits of Wearing Lambs EMF-Blocking Apparel:

Increased HRV

Wearing Lambs increases HRV, a measure of body recovery & readiness, by an average of 18%.

Better sleep

62% of Lambs customers reported an increase in sleep quality, measured by sleep trackers like Oura Ring or Whoop.

Clearer, healthier skin

Lambs mitigates the accelerated aging process in our cells by letting through 20x less Ultra Violet rays than traditional apparel.

Reduce brain fog

78% of Lambs customers report a boost in cognition (reduced brain fog and headaches), memory, and happiness.