OmegaQuant Omega-3 Index Testing

Omega-3 Index levels of 8-12% are associated with better overall health, but levels around the world remain low. Omega-3, omega-6 and trans fats all play a role in your health and are related to risk for heart disease. Tracking these numbers can help you optimize them for your health. The Omega-3 Index, Trans Fat Index, Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio and AA/EPA ratio all respond to what you eat.

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Simple finger poke. No blood draw needed.
No hidden lab fees. Collect your sample at home.

Benefits of Knowing Your Omega-3 Index

Heart Health
From a better functioning heart to healthier blood vessels, there are many reasons why people with higher omega-3 blood levels have better heart health.

Brain Health
Omega-3s play a role in brain health during every phase of life – from infant brain development to maintaining cognitive function as we age.

Eye Health
Omega-3 DHA is a main component of eyes, and having higher levels of omega-3s is related to better eye health and visual development.

Overall Health
There are multiple benefits to the mind and body in having a higher Omega-3 Index, all of which contribute to slower aging.

Simple, Helpful Tests

  • OmegaQuant’s simple and safe blood collection method does not require a full blood draw or a trip to the doctor.
  • One drop of blood is all that is needed to assess your nutritional fatty acid status.

3 Simple Steps. All from Home.

Step 1: Order Kit
Choose what service you would like to order, Basic, Plus or Complete. Your collection kit is exactly the same for all services and typically arrives within 3-5 days of placing your order.

Step 2: Collect Sample
Follow the kit instructions to collect your sample from home. Once your sample is collected simply place it in the mail to our laboratory with the pre-paid return envelope provided.

Step 3: Get Results
You will receive your results via email in 1-2 weeks. We provide personalized, actionable information about diet and lifestyle based on your results.

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