Chronomics offers the world’s first epigenetic testing kit in the world! Your whole genome is fixed from birth. However, your lifestyle and the environment can change how that information expresses itself. Epigenetics is the study of those changes. Chronomics profiles lifestyle and environment indicators from your epigenetics to reveal an overall picture of your health.

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How Chronomics Works

Step 1: Take the Test

An easy-to-use saliva testing kit is sent straight to your home that fits through the letterbox. Simply spit in the tube and drop it back in the post with the included prepaid envelope.

Next, Chronomics’ team of expert scientists will extract and analyze your DNA using next-generation sequencing.

Step 2: Receive Your Results

Within 8–12 weeks your results will be available to view on their online platform. Your data will be displayed in a friendly, concise way that offers a clear picture of your health at the DNA level.

See how your results compare to people of the same age, location, or gender.

Step 3: Make a Change

Follow a tailored improvement plan based on your results to maintain and improve your health.

You will be able to track improvements through your account to monitor your progress.