Health Nucleus (Human Longevity Inc.)

Human Longevity’s service offers a full genome analysis (whereas 23andMe provides only phenotype analysis) for ~$1000 USD. They recently launched a comprehensive, genomic-enhanced health platform called Health Nucleus. The Health Nucleus evaluation provides an unprecedented, data-driven quantitative health assessment designed to screen for risk factors and early signals of the most critical diseases to know more about your health than ever before.

Health Nucleus, a clinical research and discovery center, is the premier health intelligence platform integrating genomics, advanced clinical imaging and robust machine learning in a spa-like setting. Using our proprietary technology to identify actionable opportunities today, we empower you and your physician to proactively plan for a longer, healthy life.

Full-body non-contrast MRI used to detect signals of solid tumor cancers for further evaluation (excludes cancers such as skin, breast and cancers of GI tract, including colon).

Specialized brain MRI scan which can give data relating to brain injuries, signs of dementia and other brain disorders.

MRI can measure percentage of liver fat, as well as visceral abdominal fat, giving you and your physician insights into your health status related to diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

MRI provides insights into the major functional aspects of the heart (excludes evaluation of the coronary arteries).


By leveraging cutting-edge technology, advanced whole genome sequencing (WGS) analyzes all of your DNA—unlike some tests that may only provide isolated information about a few traits or disease risks—to give you more complete insights into your health, as well as your risks and opportunities for the future. WGS provides insights into your genetic risks for many health conditions, pharmacogenomics which provides information about medications you may respond to and if there are some you should avoid, as well as insights on your traits and ancestry.

While the genome is a key tool, it isn’t an absolute diagnostic or a specific roadmap for your health. There is much of the genome that we still don’t yet understand.

That’s where our research comes in, and that’s why our proprietary integration with the Health Nucleus’ phenotypic data is so significant, because it allows us to better understand the genome when paired with phenotypic information and pave the way for truly personalized precision medicine.