Have you ever had lab work done with your doctor? What happened to those results?  SelfDecode is a platform that helps you optimize your health with personalized recommendations based on your DNA, labs, and lifestyle. SelfDecode analyzes your genes with AI and gives you actionable insights for diet, supplements, and more. SelfDecode also reveals your ancestry and lets you take control of your healthcare with data-driven decisions.

SelfDecode – Personalized health plans based on your DNA test & lab results

SelfDecode is a personalized healthcare platform that uses your DNA, labs, and environmental factors to provide you with tailored health recommendations. SelfDecode analyzes your genes using the latest AI and machine-learning technology, which allows it to examine millions of genetic variants at once and give you accurate results.

SelfDecode now offers its members access to Lab Test Analyzer INCLUDED in your subscription. Just because your lab tests are in the “normal” range, it doesn’t always mean your results are optimal. Decipher your lab tests, track your results and get personalized suggestions on how to achieve optimal levels. Make data-driven health decisions that are best for your body, not your doctor’s bank account. Sign up for SelfDecode and take control of your health

SelfDecode also helps you understand how your diet and lifestyle impact your health by taking assessments and tracking your labs. Based on your unique genetic profile, SelfDecode gives you personalized suggestions for diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes that can help you achieve optimal health. SelfDecode also offers ancestry insights, so you can discover your heritage and learn more about yourself.