Brain Gauge

Brain Gauge is a cognitive assessment tool that uses touch-based sensory testing to measure your brain health. It’s the quickest and most accurate way to track improvements to your mental fitness. Check out my results!

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Brain Gauge Articles

Brain Gauge Brain Gauge: A Cognitive Assessment Tool to Measure and Monitor Brain Health - I have long been interested in finding non-invasive ways to assess and optimize my mental fitness, from EEG-based systems to brain training apps. So when I came across Brain Gauge, a new clinically validated cognitive assessment tool, I knew I had to try it out. With Brain Gauge, in under 15 minutes you can complete… ...


About Brain Gauge

Track your brain health with simple, proven methods
The Brain Gauge lets you test 8 essential components of brain health: Speed, Focus, Fatigue, Accuracy, Sequencing, Timing Perception, Plasticity, and Connectivity. You’ll also get a comprehensive mental fitness score, a measure we call your corticalmetric .


  • See how your brain responds to new supplements, diets, and medications.
  • Adaptive tests keep you challenged and engaged, even as your cognitive skills improve.
  • Monitor symptoms of chronic pain, ADHD and neurodevelopmental conditions.
    Discover new ways to optimize your cognitive performance.


  • Monitor concussions and mTBI for all your athletes, even without a baseline test.
  • No subscriptions. No hidden test fees. Ever.
  • Test athletes with the most accurate reaction time measure on the market.
    Make return-to-play decisions with confidence and track an athlete’s recovery using quantitative assessments.


  • Give your patients peace of mind by showing them clear, quantitative data about their brain health.
  • Collect detailed reports for specific mental abilities, or see a comprehensive summary of cognitive function.
  • Flexible testing options and cloud-based storage let you check up on patients even when they test on a Brain Gauge at home.