Catalyst Cryohelmet

Icing your head with the Catalyst Cryohelmet v2 has been found to reduce or eliminate pain from migraines and other headache disorders, soothe minor head injuries, promote sleep, and cool you down in the heat. With the included insulated travel bag, the Catalyst Cryohelmet v2 can offer relief at home or on the go.

The Catalyst Cryohelmet v2 has arrived! All aspects of the very popular Cryohelmet have been updated and improved based on customer feedback.

The Catalyst Cryohelmet v2 features a drawstring adjustment (similar to a sweatshirt or jacket hood) for better fit over a larger range of head sizes and shapes and also better overall contact with the head and neck. Those with longer hair may also benefit from the added ponytail slot. We have also improved the flexibility of the Cryohelmet when fully frozen for a more comfortable fit right out of the freezer while still maintaining long lasting and consistent cooling for 90 minutes or more!