Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel is a cold therapy training tool that offers an easy way to bring ice baths to your routine. With a lightweight design and functional features, Ice Barrel is portable, durable, compact, and looks cool!

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Cold therapy training tool

A better way to reset your body and mind. Cold water therapy is one of the fastest, easiest, and most natural ways to reset your body and mind.

Better recovery and performance

Cold therapy reduces inflammation and pain by constricting blood flow to muscles. By temporarily reducing nerve activity, cold therapy reduces swelling and muscle spasms.

Improves mood and brain health

Cold therapy stimulates the nervous system which can help alleviate depression and anxiety. Cold therapy can also increase neuroplasticity and may decrease neurodegenerative disease risk.

Activates the nervous system

Cold therapy triggers a nervous system response which activates the immune, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems. This response can help improve hormone production, sleep, metabolism, circulation, and lower stress.


  • Holds 105 gallons of water
  • Easy-to-use drainage system
  • 42” high by 31” wide opening 25” wide
  • Made in Ohio, USA w/ recycled materials
  • 55lbs empty
  • 750lbs when filled (80 gallons)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

What’s Included

Ice Barrel includes everything you need for a life changing experience:

  • Ice Barrel + Lid
  • Barrel Stand
  • Protective UV Cover
  • Step Stool



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