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  • TrueDark

    Blue Light Protection


    TrueDark Twilights are the night time solution for protecting your eyes and preserving your circadian rhythm – otherwise known as your internal clock – after the sun goes down.

    Essentially, Twilight glasses completely block out all of the sleep-stealing blue, green and purple light wavelengths that are in your environment. As a result, your body is synchronized with the darkness and understands that it’s time to rest soon. Your mind is able to reach a relaxed alpha state so that you can get restorative and restful sleep. When you’re on a plane, whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s important that your body proactively maintains its circadian rhythm so that you’re fully functional by the time you land at your destination.

  • SomniLight

    Blue Light Protection


    SomniLight sells amber sleep lamps and book lights for night reading, as well as blue light blocking glasses.

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