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Introducing BobAPI — A Personal API to Collect and Share All of My Life Data

by Bob • September 9, 2017
in Data / Analytics, Tech

Donating my body, er… being!… to (citizen) science. My requirements were relatively straightforward: “All Bob’s Data Are Belong to You.”¹ Although I had been kicking around the idea of building a personal API for some time, it wasn’t until earlier this year that I started cobbling together an early version of what exists today. While the code has undergone several ... [ Read more ]
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Quantifying the Thrill of Gambling – My Day at the Belmont Stakes

by Bob • September 3, 2017
in Data / Analytics, Experiments, Lifestyle

Each year on a Saturday in early summer I dust off my seersucker suit and attend the Belmont Stakes, the final leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown. This year, while having my Sunday morning Bulletproof Coffee and exporting data off my Basis B1, I realized I had unintentionally captured a data points that could quantify my day of gambling at ... [ Read more ]