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Mimicking the Fasting Mimicking Diet – My 5-Day Experiment

by Bob • November 18, 2017
in Body, Data / Analytics, Experiments

There are numerous studies that demonstrate the benefits of periodic, short-duration fasting, such as weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity and brain function, immune system regeneration, and longevity. I’ve been a fan (and practitioner) of intermittent fasting for several years, but other than an occasional 24-hour liver cleanse or protein fast, I had never done any extended fasting. My original plan was to ... [ Read more ]
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What “Moves” Me – Visualizing 2 weeks of Passive Location Tracking

by Bob • September 3, 2017
in Data / Analytics, Tech

I’ve recently started incorporating an application called Moves into my self-tracking arsenal. As an app, Moves only does just one thing, but does it well – it runs in the background on your smartphone and passively tracks your location 24/7. It has no social sharing functionality, gamification, or bloated features. You can look at a timeline of your day and ... [ Read more ]