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Indoor Air Quality – Measuring My Indoor Environment, Part 1

by Bob • September 6, 2017
in Data / Analytics, Environment, Experiments, Tech

This is the first in a series of posts where I explore various aspects of my indoor environment. You can read part 2 on water quality here and part 3 on EMF and electromagnetic radiation here. Most people think of Quantified Self as being mainly focused on gaining knowledge about one’s body and health. That’s a fine generalization, but most ... [ Read more ]
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Liberating Your Data from the Basis B1 Band

by Bob • September 3, 2017
in Data / Analytics, Tech

UPDATE: Basis was acquired by Intel in 2014 and was eventually shut down and discontinued in 2017. 😡 Click here for my Basis data export script on GitHub I’ve been using it non-stop for the past few weeks and in a nutshell, while it’s still very much “beta”, it’s a great device with a very promising future, and I’m looking ... [ Read more ]