About Bob Troia

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Hi! I’m Bob. I am a New York City-based technology entrepreneur, biohacker, and self-quantification geek focused on the intersection of data-driven citizen science, health and wellness, human performance, longevity, and personal optimization.

My career in technology spans over 2 decades, from the earliest days of the World Wide Web (through the dot-com crash of the late 90’s), through the rise of online communities, social networks, and social media platforms, through the emergence of consumer-facing health and wellness, AI and machine learning, mobile apps, and data privacy.

Feel free to check out my complete professional background/bio on Linkedin, and visit this page to learn more about why I started this site.

Media and Press

Check out my Media page for a full list of appearances and talks.

My self-optimization journey has offered many opportunities to share my experiences. I have appeared on a number of TV programs and magazines, including CBS News Sunday Morning, PBS NewsHour Weekend, National Geographic Explorer, CBC (Canada), SBS-TV (South Korea), Fast Company, Men’s Fitness, and Outside Magazine, have appeared on some great wellness-related podcasts like Ben Greenfield Fitness, The Life Stylist Podcast, Ben Pakulski’s Muscle Intelligence Podcast, Extreme Health Radio, Quantified Body, and I have given talks at a number of leading conferences, including Quantified Self (USA and Europe), Biohacker Summit (Helsinki), Health Optimisation Summit (UK), and the Superhuman Summit (Vancouver, Canada).

Work With Me!

Business Consulting

I am technology executive and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience starting, building, and running successful technology companies. I offer strategic consulting and advisory services to organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors on everything from strategy to product development. Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more.


I have worked with everyone from elite poker players and athletes, to successful business and finance executives, entrepreneurs, world-renowned chefs, musicians, and medical professionals. I offer remote 30- and 60-minute remote consults (via phone/Skype/Zoom) in addition to monthly data-driven coaching services (on a limited basis), and have access to a biohacking-focused fitness and recovery facility in New York City for those based locally. Contact me for more information.

Let’s Connect!

Have a question or have something you would like to discuss? Great! You can drop me a note at bob [ at ] quantifiedbob [ dot ] com

You can also connect with me on InstagramTwitterFacebook, or Linkedin.