Best Biohacking, Wellness, and Health Optimization Deals (Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales 2020)

Best Biohacking Deals

Seeking to optimize our health and wellness more important now than ever. As the holiday season approaches, in addition to my comprehensive Resources area, below I am compiling a comprehensive list of the best biohacking and health/wellness optimization-related deals currently happening online by category. Bookmark this page as it will be constantly updated! 👍

Last Updated: November 28, 2020

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Recovery and Performance Tech Biohacking Deals

SaunaSpace – save 20% off EVERYTHING (all low-EMF near infrared saunas, high efficiency Thermalight bulbs, and accessories), then stack with code QUANTIFIEDBOB to save an additional 10%! (valid until inventory runs out)

The Phoenix – save $75 off the first at-home acoustic wave therapy device for men! Significantly improve blood flow and trigger formation of new, healthy blood vessels with clinically-proven technology with code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends TBD)

Chili Technology – save 25% off their chiliPAD and OOLER cooling sleep systems (one of my top sleep hacks!) (ends November 30, 2020)

Sunlighten Saunas – take advantage of their infrared sauna holiday flash sales (expires soon)

Clearlight Saunas – save up to $700 off all infrared saunas (plus free shipping and gift with purchase)! Visit their site for pricing or call 800.798.1779 (ends November 26, 2020)

HyperIce – huge 30% savings on recovery tech like HyperVolt Plus percussion therapy, Normatec Pulse 2.0 recovery boots, ice compression technology, and wearable heat and vibration. No code needed (ends November 30, 2020)

NanoVi – get oxidative stress relief and help repair cell damage caused by what we eat, breathe, and are exposed to in our environment! Check out their photo contest for a chance to win more than $5,000 worth of prizes! (ends December 10, 2020)

X3 Bar – save $100 off their home exercise variable resistance training device! (ends November 27, 2020)

BioCharger – save $1000 off (plus $250 shipping credit on) the BioCharger NG hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform (includes training, consultation, and access to their “recipe” library)! Limited to first 25 orders. Use code FRIDAY2020 (while supplies last)

LiveO2 – save up to 8% off their adaptive contrast oxygen training systems with code QUANTIFIEDBOB or BLACKFRIDAY (ends November 30, 2020)

More recovery and performance tech deals coming soon!

Lab Testing (Blood, Gut, Genetic, and Metabolic) Biohacking Deals

23andMe – save 50% off their Health and Ancestry genetic testing service (ends November 26, 2020)

Dante Labs – get your whole genome sequenced (30x whole genome sequencing test) for just $149 (normally $450)! (ends TBD)

InsideTracker – save $200 off their Ultimate Plan blood, DNA, and lifestyle testing and analysis service with code GIFTFROMBOB (ends November 30, 2020)

Base – optimize your lifestyle and save 20% off your first month of Base’s new home lab testing service! Base pairs at-home lab testing with an app that provides data-driven recommendations to help you understand your stress, weight gain, brain fog, and more! (ends TBD)

Viome – save 50%! off their new Health Intelligence Service (includes their Gut Intelligence microbiome test), and check out their new Precision Supplements add-on (ends TBD)

Fitnescity – save 20% when measuring progress with a DEXA body composition scan! Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends November 30, 2020)

Onegevity Health – save $50 off their GutBio advanced microbiome test (ends TBD)

More lab testing deals coming soon!

Supplements, Proteins, and Food/Drink Biohacking Deals

Bulletproof – take up to 40% off selected items like Collagen Protein Bars, proteins, supplements and their wide variety of coffee products. (valid November 26, 2020 – December 2, 2020)

Troscriptions – their biggest discounts ever (up to 20%!) on Blue Cannatine and Just Blue methylene blue-based nootropics. Use code TROGRATEFUL (ends November 30, 2020)

SuperFat Amazing Keto Nut Butters – check out their big sitewide deals on their delicious keto-friendly nut butters, cookies, pancakes, brownie mixes, and more! (ends November 30, 2020)

Purity Organic Coffee – save 20% + free US shipping on all off their organic, mycotoxin-tested, antioxidant-rich coffees! Discount applied at checkout (ends November 30, 2020)

Neurohacker Collective – huge sitewide deals (up to $100 off first-time orders!) on Qualia Mind (nootropic) and Eternus (for cellular energy)! (ends TBD)

Vital Reaction – save 25% off their molecular hydrogen tablets and grounding mats. Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends November 30, 20202)

KetoneAid – save 25% off SnakeWater Ketones, the newest BioBHB-based ketone sports performance drink on the market! Use code bob25 (ends December 1, 2020)

TrueNutrition – save up to 20% off all bulk powders and supplements, with a free shaker and free shipping! Use code BLACKWTF250 (20% off orders over $250), BLACKWTF125 (15% off orders over $125), BLACKWTF30 (10% off orders over $30). (ends November 28, 2020)

Four Sigmatic – save up to 50% off their amazing mushroom elixirs, lattes, coffees, proteins, and more (and orders over $99 get a free handheld frother)! (ends November 30, 2020)

Real Ketones – stay tuned! (ends TBD)

More supplement deals coming soon!

Sleep, Activity, Biometrics, and Metabolism Tracking Deals

Biostrap – save 10% off the new Biostrap EVO activity/sleep tracker! Use code quantifiedbob (ends TBD)

Withings – Save up to 50% off selected devices like the Body Cardio smart scale, Thermo, Steel and Pulse sleep and activity trackers, and more! (ends December 2, 2020)

Lumen – save $100 off the world’s first hand-held, portable metabolism tracking device (see if you are burning fat or carbs for energy in a single breath!). (ends November 30, 2020)

Ōura – Cyber Monday deal! Save $60 off Ōura’s finger-worn sleep and activity tracker (black and silver models)! (ends December 2, 2020)

Masimo – save 25% off their pulse oximeters and continuous thermometers, along with free US shipping! Use code MASIMOBF20 at checkout (ends TBD)

HeartMath – save 30% off sitewide on all guided heart meditation and Inner Balance, emWave2, and emWavePro coherence products including Inner Balance and emWave2. Includes free US shipping! (ends November 30, 2020)

Elite HRV – save $30 off plus free shipping on their bluetooth CorSense Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitor, which pairs with many popular HRV tracking apps! Also, the first 100 orders will get 3 months free access to their desktop analytics dashboard (ends November 30, 2020)

More sleep and activity tracker deals coming soon!

Light Therapy and Light Protection Biohacking Deals

Sperti Vitamin D and Tanning Lamps – save 25% off their home Vitamin D lamps and Fiji Sun home tanning lamps! Use code quantifiedbob (ends November 30, 2020)

GembaRed – big savings/discounts on their affordable, low-EMF red and infrared light therapy products, and save an additional 10% with code QUANTIFIEDBOB ! (ends TBD)

TrueDark – save 30% off all eyewear, LED light therapy devices, sleep lighting, and accessories! (ends November 30, 2020)

SomniLight – stay tuned and save on all of their blue blocking glasses and amber reading and sleep lamps! (ends TBD)

HumanCharger – save 20% when you preorder their newest in-ear light therapy/anti-jetlag device. Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends TBD)

More light therapy and light protection deals coming soon!

Mind and Stress Biohacking Deals

Awesome Breathing – This customizable breathing app I co-developed (check out the hundreds of 5-star reviews) is available for FREE on both iOS and Android! Download it before the price goes back up! (ends TBD)

Brain Gauge – stay tuned! Take advantage of their amazing Black Friday deals on their cutting-edge at-home cognitive assessment tool. Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends TBD)

BrainTap – save up to $319 off their guided brain entrainment programs and light and sound headsets (ends November 30, 2020)

HeartMath – stay tuned for deals from the makers of emWave and InnerBalance stress and anxiety reduction tech! (ends TBD)

Muse – save on their Muse 2 brain sensing headband bundles! (ends TBD)

More mind and stress deals coming soon!

Air, Water, and Indoor Environment Biohacking Deals

Aquasana – save up to 60% off their whole house water filtration systems, shower filters, tanks, accessories, and more plus free Shipping! (ends December 1, 2020)

SafeSleeve – save up to 50% off plus free US shipping on all anti-radiation, EMF radiation protection phone and device cases, sleeves, headphones, and more! Discount automatically applied (ends November 28, 2020)

Flow 2 – save 25% off Plume Labs’ personal air quality sensor and companion app. Discount automatically applied (ends November 30, 2020)

More home and indoor environment deals coming soon!

Biohacking Books and Conference Deals

Best Biohacking Books – save 50% off many of the books included in my huge list of essential reading by authors like Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, David Sinclair, Kelly Starrett, Robb Wolf, and more! (ends TBD)

Health Optimisation Summit – stay tuned and save on tickets to Health Optimisation Summit 2021 in London! (ends TBD)

Biohacker Summit – stay tuned and save on tickets to Biohacker Summit 2021 Amsterdam, in additional to great deals on the Biohacker’s Handbook, online courses, and video bundles! (ends TBD)

More biohacking books and conference deals coming soon!