50+ Best Wellness, Health Optimization and Biohacking Deals for 2024

Seeking to optimize our health and wellness more important now than ever, so in addition to my comprehensive Resources area (where you can also find special discount codes), below I have compiled a comprehensive list of the best health/wellness optimization and biohacking deals currently happening online by category this holiday season. Bookmark this page as it will be updated regularly! 👍

Last Updated Apr 2024

Health optimization, wellness, and biohacking deals

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase (at no additional cost to you – in most cases I am able to share a unique discount with you). Thank you for your support!

Training and Recovery Tech Deals

Current Deals:

SaunaSpace – save up to 20% site-wide on their low-EMF Faraday near infrared saunas and accessories during their biggest sale of the year! (Nov 24-27)

Therasage – save 20% off all of their budget-friendly low-emf portable personal infrared saunas, ozone generators and more healing products sitewide! (ends TBD)

NanoVi – get oxidative stress relief and help repair cell damage caused by what we eat, breathe, and are exposed to in our environment. Take advantage of their interest-free payment program on all systems! Complete their inquiry form or call +1 (206) 525-0227 for details! (ends Dec 31)

LiveO2 – save 6.7% or $200 off of their adaptive contrast oxygen training systems! Use code BLACKFRIDAY or QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends Dec 1)

SleepMe (formerly ChiliSleep) – save up to $200 off all cooling sleep systems (Dock Pro, OOLER, Cube)! (ends Dec 25)

Ice Barrelsave 20% off their awesome cold plunge/cold therapy training tubs, along with free shipping! (ends Dec 1)

Xero Shoes – save up to 70% off their minimalist, zero-drop, barefoot-inspired shoes, boots, and sandals! (ends Nov 28)

CAROL AI Bike – Get $250 off the bike that gives you the same health and fitness benefits as a 45-minute run with a lot less effort! (ends TBD)

Therabody – save up to $300 on recovery! Includes Theragun, RecoveryAir, TheraFace, and more! (ends TBD)

HyperIce – Save up to $200 off recovery tech like HyperVolt Plus percussion therapy, Normatec 3 compression recovery boots, ice compression technology, and wearable heat and vibration (ends TBD)

X3 Bar – save $150 off their home exercise variable resistance training device! (ends December 1)

More recovery and performance tech deals coming soon!

Lab Testing (Blood, Gut, Genetic, and Metabolic) Deals

Current Deals:

InsideTracker – save 50% off all blood, DNA, and lifestyle testing and analysis bundles + 30% off everything else with code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends Dec 31)

SelfDecode – unlock the power of your genes and save 50% off their precision health reports that include 500+ health reports and 2000+ health recommendations (ends TBD)

Viome – save $115 off Viome Gut, Health & Full Body Intelligence Tests! (ends Dec 29)

OmegaQuant – save 20% off all of their personalized nutrition tests, including their best-selling Omega-3 Index & Vitamin D tests. Use code BLACKFRIDAY23 (ends Nov 27)

23andMe – save 55% off their Health and Ancestry genetic health and ancestry testing kits! (ends Nov 23)

More lab testing deals coming soon!

Supplements, Nootropics, and Nutrition Deals

Current Deals:

Troscriptions – save 25% off ALL products and subscriptions, including Blue Cannatine, Just Blue, TroCalm, and their new Tro Zzz plus free standard shipping on orders over $100. (ends TBD)

KetoneAid – check out the deals on their KE1 and KE4 ketone esters, Hard Ketones (alcohol alternative) (must be 21+ – use code Bob50offHKTrial to save 50% off a trial pack!), SnakeWater Ketone Energy Drink (buy 1, get 1 free! Use code BobSwBOGO50), KetoneWater (functional sparkling water), and more with code QUANTIFIEDBOB! (ends TBD)

Qualia – save up to 80% off sitewide! Includes Qualia Mind, Qualia Senolytic, Qualia NAD+, Skin, and Night. Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB at checkout for an extra 15% off! (ends Dec 1)

Limitless Life – save 15-20% off all research peptides! Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends Nov 28)

BiOptimizers – save 25% off all of their best-selling BiOptimizers and Nootopia brain, sleep, gut health, supplements, and more sitewide! Stack with code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends Nov 28)

Drink Update – save 30% off the first energy drink to utilize paraxanthine, isolated and refined from caffeine to remove all of the jittery side-effects (caffeine and sugar free)! (ends Dec 1)

Vital Reaction – save 10% off of all molecular hydrogen tablets, inhalation machines, and grounding mats. Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB (ends Dec 1)

Quicksilver Scientific – save 20% site-wide off their liposomal detox, cognitive, and cellular health products! Includes free US shipping on orders over $99. Use code GRATEFUL20. (ends Dec 1)

Bulletproof – save on Holiday Bundles that include coffees, collagen, proteins, supplements and their wide variety of coffee products (no code needed, ends TBD)

More supplement deals coming soon!

Sleep, Fitness, and Metabolism Tracking Deals

Current Deals:

Oura Ring – save up to $100 off their wearable smart ring! All ring styles & colors discounted (ends Nov 27)

Lumen – save up to $100 off the world’s first hand-held, portable metabolism tracking device (see if you are burning fat or carbs for energy in a single breath)! Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB at checkout (ends Dec 31)

Withings – save up to 50% off all Withings smart scales, home blood pressure monitors, fitness trackers, smart thermometers, and tech bundles! (ends Dec 31)

Whoop – save $161 off annual and $399 off 24-month memberships. (ends Nov 28)

Keto-Mojo – save up to 25% off all GK+ blood glucose and ketone meter kits!

Veri – track your body’s response to different foods and habits using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with their easy-to-use app to help you find the right foods and habits for your body. Save up to $50 off all memberships w/ code VPR-BFCM50 (ends Nov 28)

HeartMath – save 30% off sitewide on all guided heart meditation and Inner Balance, emWave2, and emWavePro coherence products including Inner Balance and emWave2. Includes free US shipping!

Fitbit – big savings on all Fitbit smartwatches and trackers including Fitbit Sense 2 and Fitbit Charge 5 (Nov 24-28)

More sleep and activity tracker deals coming soon!

Light Therapy and Light Protection Deals

Current Deals:

GembaRed – save 10% site-wide on all red and near-infrared light therapy panels, red lights for night time, and more! Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB to stack additional discounts at checkout! (ends Dec 1)

Sperti UVA/UVB Home Tanning Lamps and UVC Home Sanitizer – save up to 25% off their Fiji Sun home tanning lamps, Sperti Sunlamp Vitamin D lamps, and Lumin UVC Home Sanitizer while supplies last, including free shipping! Use code quantifiedbob at checkout to stack discounts (ends Dec 31)

SomniLight – take an additional 10% site-wide on blue blocking glasses and amber reading and sleep lamps! (ends TBD)

More light therapy and light protection deals coming soon!

Hair, Skin, and Beauty Deals

Current Deals:

Young Goose – take control of your skin aging and start to rewind damage! Save 10% off all kits and 15% off individual products (November 25-December 1)

The Phoenix – save on the first at-home acoustic wave therapy device for men! Significantly improve blood flow and trigger formation of new, healthy blood vessels with clinically-proven technology. Get a free treatment bundle with every purchase (ends Nov 22)

More hair, skin, nails, and beauty deals coming soon!

Mind and Stress Deals

Current Deals:

Peak Brain – save $250 off a Brain Mapping membership that includes unlimited QEEG assessments in their offices plus save $250 off any neurofeedback program, remote, or in-office! Use code mention “Quantified Bob” and use code BlackFriday250 (ends Nov 30)

Apollo Neuro – save up to $70 off their cutting-edge wearable device proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost focus and performance! (ends Nov 28)

Muse – save 20% off the Muse 2 brain sensing headband bundles! (ends Nov 28)

NuCalm – save up to $200 off the world’s only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to resolve stress and improve sleep quality without drugs! Save on new and upgraded annual subscriptions, and includes a 7-day free trial (ends TBD)

HeartMath – save 30% off site-wide on all guided heart meditation and Inner Balance, emWave2, and emWavePro coherence products including Inner Balance and emWave2. Includes free US shipping! (ends Dec 31)

Brain.fm – save $35 off their science-based music app designed by neuroscientists and music engineers to get your brain into a specific state immediately – whether you’re trying to get focused, relaxed, meditate, or sleep, it will help you get in the right flow for the task at hand. Use code BF2023 (ends Nov 25)

Awesome Breathing – My gift to you! This customizable breathing app I co-developed (check out the 800+ 5-star reviews) is available for FREE on both iOS and Android!

More mind and stress deals coming soon!

Air, Water, and Indoor Environment Deals

Current Deals:

Air Tube Anti-Radiation Headphones – save on a big selection of EMF-free, anti-radiation earbuds from Aircom, DefenderShield, Kinden, and more! (ends TBD)

Lambs Radiation-Proof Apparel – save 15% off all EMF blocking headwear, tops, bottoms, and accessories! Use code QUANTIFIEDBOB at checkout (ends Dec 1)

Somavedic – save 20% sitewide off their EMF mitigation devices with code BF20 (ends Nov 30)

More home and indoor environment deals coming soon!

Biohacking Books and Conference Deals

Current Deals:

Best Biohacking Books – save 50% off many of the books included in my huge list of essential reading by authors like Tim Ferriss, Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, David Sinclair, Kelly Starrett, Robb Wolf, and more! (ends TBD)

Health Optimisation Summit – save on tickets to the 2024 Health Optimisation Summit in London in June 2024! (ends TBD)

Biohacker Summit – save big on super early bird tickets to the 10th annual Biohacker Summit in Helsinki in July, 2024! (ends TBD)

Biohacking Conference – get earlybird tickets Dave Asprey’s 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, TX (USA) in May 2024 (ends TBD)

More biohacking books and conference deals coming soon!