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Biohackers Lab Podcast – Discussing Ketones to Boost Memory and Other Biohacking Experiments

by Bob • September 9, 2017
in Media / Speaking

I had a fun time appearing on the Biohackers Lab podcast! Host Gary Kirwan and I discussed a wide range of topics, including some of my experiments with exogenous ketone esters to improve cognitive performance, photobiomodulation using red light, brain stimulation, and developing my personal data API. Visit the Biohackers Lab website for additional info and show notes, or you ... [ Read more ]
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Using NanoVi to Lower Oxidative Stress, Improve Body Composition, and Boost Mitochondria

by Bob • October 18, 2017
in Body, Data / Analytics, Experiments, Tech

Modern living wreaks cellular havoc within our bodies – polluted air and water, food, EMFs, and toxins we are exposed to from indoor and outdoor environments, air travel, solar radiation, smoking, and even intense exercise all produce cellular damage. If not addressed, damaged cells lead to lack of energy, aging, and poor health. A major cause of cellular damage is free radicals. A ... [ Read more ]
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Ketones for Optimal Cognitive Performance and Deep Ketosis

by Bob • November 18, 2017
in Body, Data / Analytics, Experiments, Mind

I’ve previously written about some experiments I’ve conducted involving ketosis, from intermittent fasting to longer five-day fasts and caloric restriction, to help my body kick-start production of ketones. However, in these cases getting into ketosis involved a lot of work so I was looking for ways to shortcut/“hack” the process. In recent years, exogenous ketone supplements have become very popular. ... [ Read more ]