I have had the privilege of sharing my data-driven self optimization and biohacking journey on a number of TV news and documentary programs, leading health and wellness podcasts, in magazines, and as a speaker at international conferences.

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How to Live to 200 Podcast
Optimizing the Human OS


Life Optimized with Neil Paulvin
Biohacking and the Quantified Self Movement
Oct 2022

Stacked with Joe DiStefano
Self-Quantification, EMF, and Biohacking Your Home
Jul 2022

Biohacking Beauty Podcast
Accuracy of Wearables, Undergoing Oxidative Stress, and Utilizing Frequencies
May 2022

The Beautifully Broken Podcast
Episode 123 Season 4: Mimicking Diet, Self Quantification, and Biohacking Energy with Bob Troia
May 2022

The 10-min Podcast w/ The Hellenic Wolf
Episode #5: Bob Troia on the 10-min Podcast
May 2022

The Live Life Longer Show
What You Need To Know About BIOHACKING and SLEEP
Jan 2022

Growth Island Podcast
Quantified Biohacking for a Better Life
October 2021

Holistic Nootropics Podcast
Using Data To Elevate Your Biohacking
August 2021

Breitfeld | The Podcast
History of Biohacking, Blood Sugar and the Immune Response
July 2021

The Live Life Longer Show
Advanced BIOHACKING Tips To Upgrade Your HEALTH
January 2021

The NeuFit Undercurrent Podcast
Episode 17: Serious N=1 Experiments with Quantified Bob
November 2020

Anti-Aging Hacks
Self Quantification Hacks For A Long And Healthy Life
July 2020

Upgraded Executive
Quantified Self Tracking Biometrics for Optimal Performance
February 2020

The Body Clock Podcast
Episode 21: Quantified Bob, Entrepreneur, Biohacker, Self-Quantification Geek
July 2019

Optimal Performance Podcast
How Your Home Is Messing With Your Health With Quantified Bob #213
June 2019

Bio Alchemy: The Spiritual Biohacking Podcast
Smurf Smart Drugs And Silver: A Biohacking Legend Returns To Talk Longevity, Stress, And Anti-Ageing — Quantified Bob #081
June 2019

BodyShot Performance Podcast
What Data To Track And Measure To Optimise Your Health With Tech Entrepreneur And Biohacker Bob Troia
Strategies And Tips To Recover From Travel, Jet Lag And The Busyness Of Daily Life – Part 1
Strategies And Tips To Recover From Travel, Jet Lag And The Busyness Of Daily Life – Part 2
May/July 2019

How to Live to 200 Podcast
Optimizing the Human OS
March 2019

Bio Alchemy: The Spiritual Biohacking Podcast
The Biohacking Emperor of Self-Quantification: Experimentation, Hacking Sleep, Grounding, and More — Quantified Bob #015
March 2019

Data-driven Health Radio
Adventures in Biohacking with Quantified Bob (aka Bob Troia)
March 2019

How to Quantify Your Biohacks
January 2019

HRV, Mouth Taping and More REM Sleep with Alcohol
November 2018

Extreme Health Radio
Great Biohacking Tips to Upgrade Health
November 2018

Decoding Superhuman
Optimizing Performance through Self-Quantification
June 2018

Muscle Intelligence Podcast with Ben Pakulski
Quantified Bob – Hacking Your Environment #116
June 2018

The Life Stylist Podcast with Luke Storey
Quantified Bob: The King Of Biohacking On The Secret To City Living #114
December 2017

Body Mind Empowerment Podcast with Siim Land
Fasting Mimicking Diet and Ketone Esters with Quantified Bob #6
November 2017

End of Three Fitness
Biohacking Your Way to Upgraded Energy And Focus with Bob Troia
September 2017

Biohackers Lab
Taking Ketone Esters for Memory Boost + Quantified Bob Biohacking Experiments
August 2017

Ben Greenfield Fitness
Is He The Most Self-Quantified Man On The Planet? Tracking Telomeres, Heart Rate, Electrostimulation & More With Quantified Bob
August 2016

The Quantified Body
N=1 Experiments (Bulletproof Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Blood Glucose) with Bob Troia #22
August 2015


Superhuman Summit (Canada)
Minimum Effective Quantification

Health Optimisation Summit (UK)
Quantified Biohacking: Data-driven Personal Optimization

Biohacker Summit (Finland)
Adventures in Quantified Biohacking

Biohack the World (New York City)
Biohacks for Pain

FoodScape (US)
Biohacking and Personalized Nutrition

Quantified Self New York City
What’s My Indoor Environment Like?

Quantified Self Europe Conference (Amsterdam)
Understanding My Blood Glucose


National Geographic Explorer
Season 10, Episode 7

CBS News Sunday Morning
Taking Measure of the Quantified Self Movement
Smartwatches: Eat your heart out, Dick Tracy!

CBC (Canada)
Deluged by Data (Documentary)

SBS-TV (South Korea)
“SBS Special”: Fasting, FMD (Documentary) Preview 1
“SBS Special”: Fasting, FMD (Documentary) Preview 2

PBS NewsHour
 The Quantified Self: Data Gone Wild?


Outside Magazine
Should You Be Monitoring Your Blood Sugar?

Men’s Journal (previously Men’s Fitness)
Inside the Personal Health Laboratory of Bulletproof Coffee’s Dave Asprey, the World’s Most Famous Biohacker

Non-diabetics are using diabetes technology to track their blood sugar and improve their health