I’m often asked about my supplement regimen, so I’ve put together a summary of my supplement stack below, organized by category. I am also sharing a version in my GitHub repository, containing my latest version as well as a history of changes I have made.

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👉 Visit my GitHub repository for the latest version of my supplement stack!

Wellness Supplement Stack

Taken Daily:

Vitamin B: Thorne Basic B Complex, 1 capsule/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Vitamin C: LiveOn Laboratories Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, 1 packet/1,000 mg/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)] + Viva Naturals Vitamin C, 1,000 mg/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Vitamin D: NutriGold Vitamin D3 Gold, 4,000-6,000 IU/day winter, 0-2,000 IU summer — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Vitamin K: Innovix Labs Full Spectrum Vitamin K2, 2 capsules/day (1,000 mcg Vitamin K2 MK-4, 1,000 mcg Vitamin K2-MK7) — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Trace Minerals: Thorne Pic-Mins, 1 capsule/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Probiotic: Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic, 1 capsule/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Omega-3 Fish Oil: Viva Naturals Ultra Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil, 2 softgels/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Taken as Needed:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C: 2000+ mg/day for additional immune support

Vitamin D: 2,000-6,000 IU/day for additional immune support

Bitter Melon: Himalaya Bitter Melon, 1-2 caplets taken with high-glycemic meals — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Systemic Enzymes: ProOneZyme Systemic Enzymes, 3-6 capsules/daily — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Strength and Exercise Supplement Stack

Taken Daily:

Collagen Peptides: Orgain Collagen Peptides, 20g/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs): TrueNutrition Essential Amino Acids (Instantized Poweder), 10g/day post-workout on training days — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Creatine Monohydrate: AllMax Nutrition Pure Micronized Creatine, 5g/day post workout on training days/after first meal non-training days, 8 weeks on/2 weeks off — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Proteolytic Enzymes: Doctor’s Best Proteolytic Enzymes, 3-6 capsules/day, taken with large protein meals — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Taken as Needed:

Ketone Esters: KetoneAid KE1 / KE4, 5-10 mL pre-workout — Buy: [KetoneAid] (use code QUANTIFIEDBOB for free shipping!)

Vasodilators: Beet Root Powder**, L-Arginine, **Niacin (Vitamin B3) (taken prior to exercise, sauna)

Longevity Supplement Stack

Taken Daily:

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide): ProHealth Longevity NMN Pro Powder, 250 mg 2x/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Resveratrol: Empirical Labs Liposomal Curcumin/Resveratrol, 6 mL/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

PABA (Para-AminoBenzoic Acid): NOW Foods PABA, 500 mg/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Cognitive Supplement Stack

Taken Daily:

Caffeine: Bulletproof Coffee, 1-2 cups in the morning — Buy: [Bulletproof]

L-Theanine: SymNutrition L-Theanine, 200 mg/day (taken w/ coffee) — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Taken as Needed:


Troscriptions Blue Cannatine, 1 troche — Buy: [Troscriptions] (use code QUANTIFIEDBOB to save 10%!)

Lucy Nicotine Gum, 1-2mg (no more than 1-2x/week) — Buy: [Lucy] (use code QUANTIFIEDBOB to save 10%!)

Formula, Clarity/Logic/Creativity stacks — Buy: [FindMyForumula] (use code QUANTIFIEDBOB to save 20%!)

Sleep Supplement Stack

Taken Daily:


Taken as Needed:

Glycine: Thorne Glycine, 2-3 g prior to bed — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

CBD: Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Complete, 15-20 drops – Buy: [BlueBird Botanicals]

Ketone Esters: KetoneAid KE1 / KE4, 5-10 mL prior to bed — Buy: [KetoneAid] (use code QUANTIFIEDBOB for free shipping!)

Magnesium Citrate: NOW Foods Magnesium Citrate, 2000 mg — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Detox and Recovery Supplement Stack

Taken Daily:

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): NOW Foods NAC, 1000-2000 mg/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Taken Quarterly:

Peptides: BPC-157, TB-500

Taken as Needed:

Molecular Hydrogen: Vital Reaction, 2-3 tablets — Buy: [Vital Reaction] (use code QUANTIFIEDBOB to save 10%!)

Activated Charcoal: Nature’ Way Activated Charcoal, 2-4 capsules — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): Nature’s Way MSM, 1-4 g/day — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Calcium D-Glucarate: NOW Foods Calcium D-Glucarate, 3 capsules/day – Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

Stress Supplement Stack

Taken as Needed:

Chaga Sayan Siberian Chaga Chunks (to make home-brewed chaga tea) — Buy: [Amazon (USA)]

CBD: Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Complete, 15-20 drops – Buy: [BlueBird Botanicals]

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